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CplFull -Game Servers

About CplFull

I am the proud Creator and Administrator of CplFull Game Servers.

I am a Broadcast/Transmission Engineer by trade with 19 years of experience. I have worked in following companies, The NHL as a Broadcast Manger, MLB as a Transmision Engineer, WWE as a Transmision Engineer (yes I worked on Monday Night Raw, Smack Down and Wrestlemania). I also worked on a few Broadcast Service providers companies like HTN Communications and Waterfront Communications that is presently known as Encompass Digital Media.

I have had the priviledge to have worked in the NYPD and very proud of it.

I am a US.Marine Veteran who served from 1983 to 1992 ( yes, I was in the sandbox ). My home Battalion was 8Th Motor Transport, H&S Co. 3521/3523. FC 100. Deployed with MSSG-24 Fairfax County. #

If you like my servers please donate to keep us going.